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tv   Today  NBC  December 7, 2010 7:00am-11:00am PST

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breaking news, julian assange, the founder of wikileaks arrested in london this morning on suspicion of sex crimes in sweden. he's in court telling a jung he will fight extradition. we're live in london with new details on the case. president obama reaches a compromise with republicans to extend the bush era tax cuts for two years to all americans. fellow democrats are not happy but so far, the reaction on wall street is positive. and gravely hill. elizabeth edwards suspends her cancer treatment and is now
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resting at home with family and friends, including her estranged husband, john. the latest on her condition and the moving message she has sent to her supporters, "today," the moving message she has sent to her supporters, "today," tuesday, december 7, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television 7:00 on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith viera. >> and i'm matt lauer. >> the wikileaks founder surrender to british police hours ago. assange is accused of rape and two counts of sexual molestations after an investigation in sweden. we will have the latest on a live report ahead. also ahead here at home, most of the nation is in a deep freeze, temperatures ranging from single digits in the dakotas to the low 20s in the deep south. it is even below freezing in parts of florida this morning.
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we will get the latest on that and al's forecast in a minute. plus she is one of the biggest stars on the planet, matt's one-on-one interview with angelina jolie. let's get to the arrest of wikileaks founder julian assange. this is following his arrest overnight. nbc's peter alexander is outside that courtroom. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. you can see the crowd of journalists who have gathered behind us outside this magistrate's court. inside right now, julian assange is sitting before a magistrate, he has just told that magistrate that he will fight extradition to sweden. he turned himself in to scotland yard voluntarily just a few hours ago earlier today. he faces questioning in sweden for allegations of sex crimes there, allegations he has vehemently denied. cameras surrounded a courthouse this morning, his lawyers spoke to reporters outside.
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assange is accused of sexual misconduct by two women, wikileaks volunteers in sweden. the 68-page court document obtained by nbc news says the sex in august was consensual but later became nonconsensual after assange was no longer wearing protection. for months, the wikileaks founder has been at the heart of a high-stakes international standoff with the american government. the latest release marked by the government not for internet distribution reswleelts state department calls critical infrastructure and key resources overseas, including factories, pipelines and oil terminals so vital that if they were destroyed it would immediately affect the public health, economic security and/or national and homeland security of the united states. the catalog spans the globe from a cobalt mine in the congo to an insulin plant in denmark, as well as the sole provider of snake anti-venom in australia. >> we have a very serious criminal investigation that's
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under way and we're looking at all of the things we can do to try to stem the flow of this information. >> reporter: nbc news has learned jihadists with links to al qaeda have begun an online discussion about how using this latest leaked cable to their advantage. one writes, we want to exploit this document. before his arrest today, assange threatened to release a secret cache of unreleased documents. one of the files is reportedly named "insurance," locked by a 256-digit password. assange is being isolated physically and electronically with the swiss bangt latest financial institution to freeze assets or block donations to wikileaks. the site's servers have been shut down in the u.s. but hundreds of mirror sites set up by wicky leak supporters popped up online. this morning we getting our first statement from u.s. officials. robert gates was asked about this arrest, in afghanistan
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right now he says "i haven't heard about that but it sounds like good news to me." even as we speak to you, we are learning new information from inside that courtroom where a magistrate has refused bail to julian assange, which means he will remain in custody. his next court appearance is scheduled for one week from today. in addition to that, as for the so-called doomsday file, that poison pill as described by some, wikileaks spokesperson said this morning, matt, for now, those will not be released. peter alexander covering this story in london for us this morning. peter, as always, thank you very much. it is 5 minutes after the hour. here is meredith. now to washington where president obama and republicans have reached a tentative deal that will extent the bush era tax cuts to all income levels. savannah guthrie has details and also the fallout. >> reporter: this is the classic compromise meaning nobody is entirely happy.
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the white house does have a deal with republicans, but the question today is can they sell it to democrats on capitol hill? announcing the framework of a deal, the president said his choice came down to compromise or watch taxes go up for all americans. >> i know there's some people in my own party and in the other party who would rather prolong this battle, even if we can't reach a compromise. but i'm not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in washington. >> reporter: the deal extends the bush era tax rates for every taxpayer, including top earners, handing a loss to the president on an issue he made a centerpiece of his 2008 campaign. >> it's true. i want to roll back the bush tax cuts on the very wealthiest americans. >> reporter: in exchange for that politically painful concession, the white house won an extension of unemployment benefits for 13 months and the two sides agreed to a one-year
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payroll tax cut of 2%, about $800 in savings for a worker making $40,000 a year. also part of the deal, tax cuts for businesses, college students and working families. the estate tax will be at a lower rate than before, 35% for inheritances over $5 million. the president now must convince his own party to go along with the deal. the initial reception from democratic lawmakers on monday was cool at best. some lawmakers wanted the president to call the republicans' bluff, hold out for a better deal, even if it meant postponing any action until january. the president monday night signaled that was not an option. >> as sympathetic as i am to those who prefer a fight over compromise, as much as the political wisdom may dictate fighting over solving problems, it would be the wrong thing to do.
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>> reporter: vice president biden will attend a weekly meeting today, the hard sell. senior aides acknowledge here that the hardest sell right now is in the house of representatives. >> so, how is wall street reacting? erin burn set at the new york stock exchange. the dow is up 70 points not a significant amount. are you surprised there haven't been more of a reaction on wall street. >> interesting, meredith, in the middle of the night we thought we would get a thump in the morning. in a sense it should have been priced n the fact that we are getting a jump at all is actually pretty good thing, a little bit of a santa claus rally. and this is something, in fact that is going to affect a lot of americans. about half of american families own stocks, either 401(k) or mutual funds so that little bit of a break the next two years for dividends and capital gains will help a lot of people it is a relief rally and santa claus rally today. >> the tax cuts will be financed by adding $900 billion to our
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national debt for two years, even talking to the experts can we do this? >> we can do it for a short period of time, taxes will have to go up t is $1 trillion, as you said, being added to deficit. our budget is 43,000 pages in length, meredith, 16 feet tall it would tower above me here. we do have to make a lot of cuts. that is going tonight big question coming down the line. an interesting analysis in the new york times this morning saying the $60 billion that we are spending to give tax cuts to people who earn over $250,000 could be used for other things like providing free universal preschool education we are making desixes every day for this. >> but digging ourselves into an even deeper ditch, aren't we? >> in a sense we are, that's why two years and definitely taxes are going to to have to go up. we have to hope the tax cuts save the economy in the near time. >> all right, we will certainly hope that. cnbc's erin burnett, thank you as always. erin reporting to us from the stock exchange. 7:09 pacific time, once again, here's matt. >> thank you, meredith. onto the weather. almost every corner of the
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nation is waking with up to an arctic blast this morning, bitter cold temperatures from t. the weather channel's mike seidel is in northeast pennsylvania with more on this. mike, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it has now snowed in syracuse 73 hours nonstop. that's right. yesterday a record setting december in syracuse is a little over a foot. let me take you back and show you what it looked like here in northwest pennsylvania. erie, pennsylvania, snow and blowing snow. nearby edinburgh has 35 inches on the ground. unlike last week, the main thoroughfare, interstate 90 was wide open between buffalo, erie and cleveland. it's not the snow that's getting to us, it's the cold cold air. the jet stream continuing to show that arctic dip all the way down to the gulf coast in florida. it's cold this morning in the sunshine state, but it may be even a bit colder tomorrow morning as temperatures hit the
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freezing point or below, down to near 40 in miami, and, matt, how about this? 26 here this morning, right now it's also 26 in tallahassee, florida. back to you. >> mike seidel in pennsylvania this morning. mike, stay warm, thank you. and now here's meredith. as mike mentioned, the bitter cold has folks shivering as far south as florida. nbc's kerry sanders is in plant city, just east of tampa. er can rib, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. it's cold and still getting colder as the sun comes up. in the last hour, it's dropped about a degree, we're at 33 degrees. i'm standing here at one of the strawberry farms and they're very concerned that the temperature might continue to drop, even as the sun comes up. that's why they have turned on the sprinklers here in the last hour. the idea is to coat the strawberries in water, and if it drops below 32 degrees, that water will turn to ice and create a blanket of ice over the strawberries, so if the temperature continues to drop even more, it won't go below 32
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degrees. this is not a one-night event, they're already looking forward to tonight where it could be even colder. but for folks who come to florida on vacation, sorry to say, you may have to wait until the weekend to enjoy what florida is known for, warm weather in winter. >> when is all this going to end? that's the question for al who's upstairs checking it out. >> the answer lies in the jet stream, you can see it dips down almost to miami, 22 in nashville, 13, indianapolis. these are current temperatures. afternoon highs, only 21 in indianapolis, 34, raleight, 50 in tallahassee. temperature departures almost 20 degrees below normal in nashville, 15 in tallahassee. we look for a change coming by thursday. the jet stream still stays to the south, but we have got moderating air coming in thanks to high pressure. tallahassee, 46. 43 in raleigh. by thursday, a high of 35 degrees in new york city.
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of course, we'll have the forecast coming up. our elf on the shelf continues to hang out here. matt? >> keep an eye on him. we're going to get the rest of al's forecast in a moment. but now some sad news, the elizabeth edwards cancer fight has taken a turn for the worse. her doctors have told her that further treatments would be unproductive. and she is now resting at her home with her children and her estranged husband, john. ron mott is live in north caronlina. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards has waged a courageous battle against cancer. she had a remission and then the cancer returned in 2007. >> i'm elizabeth edwards. >> reporter: on monday, 61-year-old elizabeth edwards announced she was suspending treatment for her cancer after doctors told her it had spread to her liver. in a statement, she said, "the days of our lives for all of us
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are numbered, we know that, but i have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days i do have are made all the more meaningful and precious." >> she's with the people that she loves, her children, her sister, her brother-in-law. john is coming and going as well. he is very much involved in the kids' lives and her life. >> my rock, my and your next vice president, john edwards. >> reporter: her had husband's d -- in 1996, their teenaged son was killed in a car accident and in 2004, edwards began a six-year battle with breast cancer. >> cancer is not a straight line, it's up and down. >> reporter: in 2007, she stood with john saying her cancer had returned. both said she should continue their run for the white house. >> we're always going to look for the silver lining, it is who we are as people. and we'll continue to do it.
7:15 am
>> reporter: then tabloid whispers about john's affair became full-blown headlines, putting the couple's marriage of 30-plus years in turmoil. >> this is a lot worse than i had ever expected. >> reporter: last year, after finding that john had fathered a child out of wedlock, she made the decision to separate from john. in june, she told matt how scary that decision had been. >> we had been married to john for 33 years, been with him longer than that and every time something monumental has happened in my life, and particularly the bad things, i have had him to lean on and that was no longer going to be the case. and so i was going to be on my own in a way that i maybe hadn't ever really been, and that was pretty terrifying, particularly faced with a disease, young children and a fairly uncertain future. >> reporter: she continued speaking out for health care, even opening a small business. >> welcome to the red window. >> reporter: a furniture shop
7:16 am
she showed off to furniture designer nate berkus in september, talking about her new relationship with john. >> it's really hard to use a word like forgiveness. but we found a new way of interacting with one another that is healthy and healthy for the kids and easy for us, which is great. >> reporter: now she is gathered at home with her friends and family, including her children kate, emma claire and jack. >> i have had the opportunity, you know, to have these great children. i have had wonderful friends. i have had experiences that, you know, they couldn't be replaced and opportunities to talk about things that matter to me. >> reporter: a family friend told the associated press that while elizabeth edwards is indeed gravely ill, she is in no pain and in good spirits. matt? >> ron mott in chapel hill, north carolina. "people" magazine's washington correspondent covered elizabeth edwards extensive,
7:17 am
more recently in an article for good morning. talking to members of her family and friends, what do they tell you? >> she found out last week and is at peace with where she is right now. she has a houseful of relatives, which is how she always wanted it and they're telling stories, looking through old photos and having as many laughs as tears. >> one of the things we don't often say about elizabeth, she's a beautiful writer and this message to her supporters is a good indication of that. >> yeah, and she wrote it a couple of days ago and the family decided that once rumors started to bubble up that she had been hospitalized, that she was gravely ill, they decided, you know, let's put something out there, and she wrote something a couple days ago and they posted it for her on facebook. >> when she was here last time, she talked about her relationship with john edwards
7:18 am
and that it had been tumultuous at best, but she said something to me. she said it's important to her to keep shedding a positive light on john for the children because they were going to need him. how is she dealing with that and how is that going? >> she has struggled with her feelings and the wounds that run very deep. for the children, she's put on a brave face and kept that relationship intact. he's at the house this week, helping with the children, helping, you know, get takeout for the family that's visiting and he's very much a part of that family. >> how are the kids doing, kate, emma, claire and jack? >> you know, you can only guess that it's very difficult. but remember that elizabeth had been preparing them for this. you know, she, years ago, started writing a dying letter she called it so she would have the advice to pass on and always be there with a mother's wisdom, even when she couldn't be there physically. so, you know, as much as two little children can be prepared, she has done a mother's work in preparing them. >> sondra, thank you so much for
7:19 am
your time this morning and our thoughts and prayers we want to say are with elizabeth edwards this morning. let's get a check of the morning's stop stories. >> defense secretary robert gates is in afghanistan to assess the progress of the nearly decade-long conflict. he will determine the feasibility of starting troop withdrawal in july of 2011. the u.s. supreme court will decide whether or not walmart will face the largest class action employment lawsuit in history. 1.5 million current and former female employees are suing the retail giant for gender discrimination, saying they were paid less and promoted less often than men. walmart is challenging the massive case. south korea plans to turn the five islands along the sea border with north korea into military for tress. most of the 1400 res don't of the island attacked by the north have fled to the mainland. the death toll from cholera
7:20 am
in haiti has now officially passed 2,000. and nearly 100,000 have been sickened by the water-borne illness. cholera has gripped the earthquake-ravaged country since october. ans a spin a day could keep the doctor away. researchers show that a daily dose of aspirin cuts the risk of some cancers by up to 20%. but doctors warn that aspirin can cause bleeding and other problems. one of these things is not like the other. those are actually, as you take a look here, chinese scientists dressed like pandas. they want to keep the bear's human contact to a minimum so the cubs born in captivity can be released into the wild. the new york jets took one of the worst pummelings of any nfl teams this season. it was supposed to be showdown of the year but it was an all-out beat down, merciless instead. the patriots took the game 45-3. a lot of bruised and battered
7:21 am
jet fans around here this morning. it is 7:20. back to matt, meredith and al that one hurt, right? >> incredibly ugly. no question about it. all right, natalie, thanks very much. >> it is cold, mr. roker. >> maybe the jets should have showed up wearing a uniform looking like a panda. yeah, it's cold and it's going to stay cold and our friends in the pacific northwest, you're not out of the woods either. we have got a big storm coming onshore. that's bringing rain along the coast and it's bringing snow inland, so we're going to be talking about one to three inches of rain in the pacific northwest. snowfall three to six inches of snow in the mountains there. in snow in the mountains there. here's a closer look at the storm system. showers on the far north coast that will spill our way late or tonight. a decent day for the south bay heading into morgan hill. highs in the low to mid 60s and
7:22 am
50s with scattered showers later on in the afternoon north of lake port. tomorrow we have rain at times and breezy. big surf on the coast and we clear out and warm up for the weekend.
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7:27 am
through with low clouds and dense fog as well as around the bay area. we have seen that drifting around. >> you mentioned patchy fog and otherwise mainly clear around san jose with patchy fog around santa rosa. the afternoon temperatures come 4:00 should see 50s across the north bay and low 60s around the santa clara valley. leading up to rain tomorrow and breezy conditions into thursday and friday and clearing out for the weekend. more news after the break. ♪ i ain't got no time for a nap, oh no, no ♪
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>> trading $5 million for $1 million seems like a bad deal, but the city will consider paying out to top level managers and executives. in return there will abe cap on how much unused vacation managers can cash if, save being $1 million a year. in the short-term they lose money, but it will eventually pay off. santa clara county facing a deficit.
7:30 am
it is 7:30 now on this seventh day of december, 2010. it is cold out there, one of the coldest mornings of the year so far. i'm matt lauer, alongside meredith viera. a revealing look at the life of a prostitute on the las vegas strip from a former escort who has dedicated her life to saving women caught up in this
7:31 am
industry. she's going to share her story just ahead. and oscar winner angelina jolie, we're going to talk about her children and what she is most thankful for. why did sarah palin take kate gosselin and her eight kids camping? the american who served time in australia for manslaughter in his wife's honeymoon death has just arrived back in alabama to face some new charges. jeff rossen was on the flight. >> reporter: we arrived here in birmingham, alabama just a matter of hours ago overnight. it was a pretty short flight we took from atlanta here to birmingham. we took a commercial flight and a lot of people on the plane. they took him off the plane, put him in a police car and brought him here to the jefferson county
7:32 am
jail. the crime itself happened around the world in australia, but prosecutors have charged him with murder here in his hometown saying this is where he hatched the plot to kill his new wife. sitting in coach in the last row of the plane, gabe watson winged across the country overnight, handcuffed inside his jacket, sitting next to two officers. do you still claim this was an accident, what happened in australia? nbc news was on board the flight, bound for alabama where prosecutors say watson married tina thomas and planned her murder. in fact just 11 days after their wedding, tina was dead. on the flight, watson was emotionless and unresponsive. waiting for him in alabama, tina's family. >> the one thing that we have held on to is that we owe tina to see that justice is done and
7:33 am
gabe watson needs to face the evidence before a jury for that to happen. >> reporter: it was 2003, the couple was on their dream honeymoon, a scuba diving adventure in australia's great barrier reef. but deep under the sea, tina's life was about to end. another diver snapped this chilling photo showing tina motionless on the ocean floor, 100 feet down. gabe watson told police he tried to save his wife, but couldn't. >> she was looking up, had both of her arms out, stretched up, like looking at me, with her arms out. >> reporter: but police concluded this was no accident. they say gabe gripped tina in a bear hug and turned off her air supply and that killed her. watson was convicted of manslaughter in australia and served an 18-month sentence.
7:34 am
prosecutors there couldn't prove murder, only that watson, a certified rescue diver failed to help as his wife died. >> reporter: why didn't you try to save your wife? which brings us to this moment, alabama prosecutors have taken an unusual bold stance saying the crime 9,000 mile as away started here at home. >> we think the prosecution of gabe watson in the united states is ridiculous. >> reporter: with gabe watson back on u.s. soil, his lawyer is fighting back, calling alabama's prosecution grandstanding. >> there's an absolute lack of evidence that show gabe watson had anything to gain from his young wife's murder and further that he did anything to kidnap her or to trick her to go on her honeymoon. >> reporter: but for tee tina's
7:35 am
family, -- australia agreed to send watson back here to the u.s. on one condition, that prosecutors here in alabama wouldn't try for the death penalty against him. australia is against the death penalty. american officials agreed and this morning gabe watson if convicted faces life in prison here. >> troy king is alabama's attorney general and he joins us now exclusively, attorney general king, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> he's back in birmingham, alabama now, how quick do you think a trial might begin in this case? >> as quickly as can be. we are anxious to get this case to trial. tina's family is anxious to see justice done. i'm sure gabe watson is anxious to put this behind him. >> will there be a bond or bail hearing? is it possible he would be released before trial? >> anybody who's followed this
7:36 am
case knows, none of the rules have been followed to this case, but i expect alabama judges to follow it and i expect him to stay in prison. >> you're charging gabe watson with two counts of capital murder, plotting to kill his wife tina for financial gain. you intend to show that gabe watson killed his wife tena to collect on a life insurance policy. but gabe wasn't the beneficiary on any insurance policy. >> he didn't know that, matt, that's the problem. he thought he was the beneficiary. we believe we can prove it or we wouldn't have charged him with it. >> can you make a case proving that someone believed they were a beneficiary when the paper work shows they were not? >> sure. there will be testimony to that effect. so absolutely we can. we prove intent all the time. >> the second count of capital murder is that he abducted his wife to accomplish the murder. how do you go about proving that. >> there's case law in alabama, matt, that says if i picked you up in birmingham and told you we were going to go to huntsville
7:37 am
on a shopping trip, but i intended to kill you in huntsville all the time, we can charge you in birmingham for a kidnap. >> it is not sounding like an open and shut case, let me tell you that. mr. watson's attorney who we saw in that piece said trying to prove that gabe watson abducted tina is a ridiculous theory because you would have to prove that gabe, quote, tricked tina into falling in love with him, into marrying him and traveling halfway across the world and going scuba diving. >> that's what defense attorneys get paid to say. the fact of the matter is if this was easy, australia would have done it. >> if they didn't feel in australia that they had sufficient evidence to press forward with a murder charge, what new evidence can you bring to the table that makes you sure you can get that conviction? >> matt, we don't know whether the prosecutors could have gotten a murder conviction or not. we know that the law enforcement believed it. we know that the people who testified at the inquest
7:38 am
believed it. we know that the prosecutors then betrayed everybody in the process. so we don't know what the prosecutors could have proved in australia and that's precisely the point. >> it's more of a function of your term ending. this happened seven years ago, you are not going to be attorney general after january, a guy named luther strange is going to be that attorney general. have you spoken to mr. strange? does he plan to go forward with this prosecution? >> in alabama, justice doesn't have a shelf life. you don't get to run out the clock on a politician's term and get away with murder. we believe that gabe watson committed a crime, a grand jury in alabama believes me committed a crime. we indicted him and we plan to convict him. >> have you talk with luther strange about it? >> we have talked about many cases. i inherited cases from my
7:39 am
predecessor and we pursued them because that's what my oath of office required. i can't see him betraying the oath of office. >> thanks for your time. et38 let l's's get a check the weather from al. >> "today's" weather is brought to you by the u.s. postal service. and good morning, as we look at those temperatures across the country, it is brutally cold from the great lakes all the way down into florida and as far away as the plains, with teens and 20s there. on the rest of the country, we have got another storm coming up into the pacific northwest bringing rain and mountain snows, lake-effect snows will continue from erie, pennsylvania to watertown, new york, anywhere from a half a foot to a foot of snow. in the southeast,
7:40 am
here's a view of sunol. patchy fog around parts of the east bay. sunshine into san jose. high clouds out of the north that will hint at rain for the far north bay. north of santa rosa and temperatures in the 50s to low 60s and a chance of mid 60s from the santa clara valley. tomorrow plan on rain and breezy conditions and showers at least into friday. >> you can keep track of your weather all day long, the weather channel on cable and online. a former escort reveals the life of a las vegas prostitute. we'll talk to her right after this. uh, a little help... oh! you know shipping is a lot easier with priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. plus, you can print and pay for postage online.
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7:44 am
until she found a new task, a faith based group called hookers for jesus. >> i was 19 years old, i could buy whatever i want, i could do whatever i want. go on vacation if i wanted to, to wherever. i didn't care, i didn't think about money. >> she was a hustler, she could make her money, she was the type of girl that was not cheap, she was very high class, she demanded it and got what she wanted at all times. >> regina didn't quit because she was broke, she had money. she just got into a couple of situations where she was about to die. >> i didn't want to end my life with a trick killing me. you don't know what these guys are thinking. it's a mission to save your nerves and your sanity. it's always a challenge for the girls because they're used to making $1,000 a night. minimum wage is a hard reality for them.
7:45 am
>> it is all documented in a new three-part series called hookers saved on the strip. annie lebare, welcome to you. you were 16 years as a prostitute. most of those in an escort service. you're a mid cladle class kid f minnesota minnesota. what caused you to become a stripper. >> i wasn't a stripper, i was a prostitute. >> i was the type of person that if there was a rule i tried to break it. i didn't believe what the church taught at the time and i didn't see any sense of having rules so it was really easy for me to become very promiscuous at a very young age. >> you were 19, when you got involved in the business? was it the lure of money like it was for regina? >> it was something that i needed, i needed to go to college, i wanted to have a nice
7:46 am
car, i wanted to have my own playof place. you know when you're young, you want to go out there and live your life. >> what did you make on an average night as an escort? >> you can make from $1,000 up to $5,000, $10,000 a night. >> what made you decide this is not the life for me? >> the money and the cars t jewelry, the furs, the fast lifestyle, as soon as you make that money, it goes right through your fingers. and you could never take hold of it because you're always spending it. or i was giving it away to my pump so i never really actually had the money in my hands. it was always being spent. >> what was the breaking point for you? >> all the abuse that was happening and the abuse with different tricks, going on calls that we think are safe in a nice, beautiful hotel, almost getting murdered, having so many of my friends die that i never
7:47 am
thought would die. and coming to that realization that this is a joke, it doesn't do anything for you but make you feel like you're full of shame. >> you were able to get away from your pump and you started hookers for jesus. what is the mission there? >> our mission is to help women get out of the sex industry and to transition out of it and give them a better lifestyle. >> how do you approach these women? obviously they're involved themselves, are they reluctant? >> a lot of them are, the only reason they are is because they're afraid that their pump will kill them if they leave. a lot of women approach me, or they'll approach me when we're in their city helping other guys, they approach me and stay i want to call you to get away from my guy. the girls really need somebody like that. >> let's go to real world. you get these girls, you have sort of a halfway house or a
7:48 am
transitional home for them, destiny house. you help them find jobs, but they're usually entry level, at best, right? that's the kind of job they're getting, a lot of them have criminal records, some of them might need counseling. how hard is it to take one of these women and reintroduce them to the real world? >> like regina, she had a lot of emotional baggage from her past and she told her we're not giving up on you. and just watching her work that out, it's so beautiful because you see this girl that's afraid to go do something normal and then you see her blossoming into a different person, with strength and character. it's amazing. >> it's been a few years now, i'm just curious how many girls you get off the street go back to the business?
7:49 am
>> i went back to my pimp a couple of times, it's such an addiction, the fast life and you become very comfortable with that lifestyle. if that's all that you know, for you to work an $8 an hour job again, it's ridiculous. if you were making $1,000 an hour, why would you make $8 an hour again? >> so the motivation is to get your life straight. >> after you o this for many years, you become a broken person, you can't function anymore. >> thank you, and thank you for hookers saved on the siptr owemiers tomorr on investigation discovery. discov we're back right after this. power wash. ok. whoa. [ female announcer ] life comes with headaches and that's when people reach for excedrin.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
gosselin and her eight kids for a guest appearance on sarah palin's alaska. take a look. >> we're going camping with kate and her eight kids. >> i have never camped for real. >> a ruggedness is really a mystery for people in the lower 48. >> you will have a high population of bears. >> she will rely on me to protect her. >> i am freezing to the bone. >> come on! it wasn't that bad! >> i don't think kate's up to -- >> not a camper. >> without cable. >> she's with a woman with a gun. it will get good ratings. >> i'm sure. >> i think that sarah palin's daughter, piper, is a big fan of kate as well. anyway, just ahead, angelina jolie. we have an opportunity to talk to her in a new movie and
7:53 am
marriage and her kids. >> and that guy, johnny depp. have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious.
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nobody does it quite like us.
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7:56 am
7:56 and we will start with slowing in the east bay. the heaviest volume where travel times are sgroeing at 680 south off of the walnut creek interchange. very slow and in through concord as well. 580 and the typical slow drive there as well as all approaches to the bay bridge. there is the live look as well. the change is while the car are the same back up into the maze, the sun comes up into the toll plaza. >> high clouds across the north bay with the radar going. nothing under the clouds yet.
7:57 am
you can see the far north coast. that will drop further into tomorrow. not so bad. highs main low in the 60s and main even mid 60s for the afternoon around the santa clara valley and in the north bay, extra clouds and big waves on the coast of the finally a dry weekend ahead. 7:57. more news after the break. lightning fast. lightning strong. verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> antioch police are investigate investigating a deadly hit-and-run. a woman dragged several feet and the driver took off. they ever looking for a truck similar to this late model-door frontier with a luggage rack. it's not this vehicle, but it looks like it. the woman died at the hospital. antioch police asking you if you have informs, give them a call. more local news in a half hour. the "today" show returns in less than a minute.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this tuesday morning, december 7, 2010. we have a happy crowd gathered at the rockefeller plaza with the christmas tree in the background. we ha i'm meredith viera along with matt lauer and al roker. yesterday we talked about bathrooms, this morning it's all about kitchens.
8:01 am
could yours pass a restaurant inspection? we're going to put you to the test. we're going to talk to angelina jolie. she stars in a new thriller, we talk about everything from that movie to her co-star, to her children, dealing with the paparazzi and what she's thankful for. and a little bit later on, some easy holiday entertaining with the barefoot contessa. >> ann is on assignment which means that natalie morales is at the news desk. wikileaks founder julians assange is facing a judge said. he's wanted for questioning in sweden where two women have accused him of sex crimes. wikileaks releasing the sensitive documents is a threat to national security. president obama reached a
8:02 am
deal with congressional republicans on monday to extend the bush era tax cuts. elizabeth edwards is home from the hospital to spend her final days with family and friends. doctors have told the estranged wife of former democratic presidential candidate john edwards that further treatment for her breast cancer will do no good. the eastern half of the united states is shoveling and shivering this morning. freezing below normal temperatures and snow stretched from the midwest to the deep south where many schools are closed and farmers are worried about crop damage. an american accused of killing his wife during a honeymoon scuba dive in australia has arrived in alabama to face murder charges. he has already spent 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. american shark experts have flown to egypt to kept
8:03 am
investigate a string of at least five shark attacks at red sea resorts. on sunday, a german tourist died after her arm was severed by a shark. a printing problem has forced the government to put more than 1 billion brand-new $100 bills into storage. some of the bills have a crease with no ink and will be destroyed. production has been halted until a fix is figured out. and after you have worn it out this winter, why not give your shovel new life as a guitar? a contest this weekend drew 120 musicians who played the business end of the shovel with a bottle opener or a spoon. very creative outfits there. it is 8:03 right now, want to get another check of the weather with mr. roker. >> "today's" weather is brought to y by jared, theto galleria of jewelry, with five kinds of selection of ordinary jewelry stores. and good morning, everybody.
8:04 am
from matt's alma mater, ohio university. what are you doing here? >> i go to school here and my aunt lives in the city and i couldn't think of a better way to spend the morning. >> or cheaper, right? let's check your weather and see what's happening. oklahoma city, news channel 4, 45 degrees, going to be a rough one in okc. we have got a real mess coming in, we have got lake-effect snow continuing through the great lakes and bringing anywhere from one to 11 1/2 inches of heavy snow along the eastern great lakes, more snow move into the pacific northwest and the mountains there, central and northern rockies with see some light snow. high today in miami, only here's an interesting view.
8:05 am
little patches of fog this morning. should see that break up 9:00 or 10:00. then high clouds, you canrç see the rain that's not too far from the coastline. that swings south as we head into tonight. today. pretty nice day, santa clara valley. southeast, 50çs to low 60s acros the north bay. plan on rain around this time tomorrow. breezy at times tomorrow rain shutting down by fray die. up next, angelina jolie opens up about her kids, her life and. - is all grown up. - oooh. - jared presents beautiful natural levian chocolate diamonds and chocolate south sea pearls. levian is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. levian: the leading family in jewelry, from ancient royalty to today's red carpet. you will only find these styles at jared. levian chocolate diamonds: they're anything but vanilla.
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that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. we're back at 8:09, hollywood descended on new york city last night for the premier of the new film "the tourist" which stars angelina jolie and johnny dep. he plays an american tourist who gets involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse through the canals of venice. we caught up with angelina jolie. >> we're both actually home bodies at the end of the day, we both kind of stay inside our little -- you know, with our
8:10 am
familieses. >> when you commit to do a movie with someone and you have that first meeting, you have to be keeping your fingers crossed. is it like the first minutes of a first date? >> i heard things from barad, you're going to love him, he's a great guy. you knew him as the guy who does all alice in wonder land and edwa edward scissor hands. you hope you're not wrong, but he is, he's as lovely and as interesting as you could hope for. >> you like apparently to do a lot of ad libbi inbing and bein spontaneous on the set. how did you like it? >> there were a few times i couldn't stop laughing and i screwed up the tapes for hours on end. it was important we didn't take ourselves too seriously. because i was playing such a
8:11 am
lady and he was playing a math teacher, so that in itself was funny. >> i'm elise. >> i'm frank. >> that's a terrible name. maybe we can find you another. >> sometimes when we're about to do an interview, they give us this information and some of it you know is just put in there by publicists to make things interesting, but there's some things that catch your attention. the idea that you took manners classes to play this role? >> there wasn't someone you could call and say come over and give me a class. there was a way of studying certain things, reading about certain things, learning about dance class but it all added up to the same thing which is she needs to speak more elegantly, she needs to sit more poised. >> doesn't that come naturally for you? >> i'm not completely clumsy or gross, but i'm not -- there's something about this type of woman that didn't come naturally to me that she's extremely --
8:12 am
she takes her time with everything. i'm an american, i get -- i do ten things before breakfast. >> you're in venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and yet your house is there. it's not as if you can just go with the kids and the family and say let's do venice. you had boat loads of paparazzi following you. how does that impact the exsneere experience? >> it sounds like we were trapped, but we were having sunday breakfast at our favorite place and we were sneaking out in decoy boats. >> that stakes a village and a lot of prep? >> it takes a lot of prep, but we do maneuver through all that stuff. >> at this stage have you fig yu youred out why? you must sit around your house with curlers in your hair and say what is it that they find about me that's so fascinating?
8:13 am
>> i don't find myself that interesting in that way. i would like to think i have become a better woman as i have gotten older and i have a full life. but i do the same thing every day my natural life. i wear the same thing. i don't go out. but i feel like it happens to everybody. it's just a weird time right now where there's just so much of all of that for everybody and people are either -- it's just a new world. >> is it a phase? do you think we'll get over it? can you gut the jeannie back in the bottled until are you looking down at a time when it's not going to be important for you to be in front of the camera and behind the camera might be a nice little hidden place for you? >> i must prefer being behind the camera. i love it. >> what personality traits do you need to be a good director. >> i hope i know. i hoe i am a good one.
8:14 am
>> what do you think are your strengths and weaknesses? >> i had a crew, we were part of a family and i think that comes from i genuinely respect -- i respect people and i'm curious about what they do and i want to give them the power to do what they do best without getting in their way. >> during the holidays, we generally stop and think what we are thankful for. when you look at the life that you have created for yourself, and the life you and brad have created together, what are you thankful for? >> that we have our health and that we have this time together that we get to explore and laugh and learn and have that warm love that is, you know, what makes life worth living. >> they're young now, but they're going to get to an age,
8:15 am
they're going to be 30 one day, they're going to be asked that question, what was your childhood like? what would you like their answer to be? >> hopefully that they were happy and they were loved and they were encouraged to be who they were. so hopefully they'll the strong, beautiful individuals they are today and be happy in their lives and be fulfilled in their lives and be living their lives honestly. >> "the tourist" opens on friday. we'll hear from her co-star johnny depp later on this week. would your kitchen pass a health and safety inspection. ♪ the colored lights will shine sincere, ho, ho, ho ♪
8:16 am
♪ ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ♪
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8:19 am
this morning on "today's" healthy home, just how clean is your kitchen? we decided to send one of those restaurant inspectors into a viewer's home. maureen donahue has been known to spend up to 10 hours a day in her kitchen. >> i like to cook whenever i'm home. i like to make lots of stuff. >> stuff like chocolate and kieshes that she loves to share with her friends.
8:20 am
>> what do we have this week? >> we have spinach and mushroom sandwiches. >> and since so many people are devouring maureen's delicacies, she takes extra steps to ensure that her kitchen is clean so that the food she prepares in it is safe to eat. >> if it's my family, i don't worry about germs so much because it's my family. but for other people it's different. there's people in the library that may take a cookie and i don't even know them. >> so to satisfy her food safety concerns, she sent in a pro. >> i'm with the orange county health department. we'll do a little inspection of your kitchen today. >> and he should know, after 41 years of being the authority on whether restaurants meet the county health code. dave's first stop, the refrigerator. >> the first thing we take a
8:21 am
thermometer and see, it's supposed to be 37. the temperature the 40 degrees, so that's fine. this filter is probably in need of some cleaning. this is a bolt, which if you hit i it. >> maureen also got positive marks for her microwave. >> looks nice, no problems here. >> and her cutting board. >> the cutting board, when they get cut up, you can't clean them. these are in great shape, but they can be washed and sanitized. >> the sponge has all kinds of holes in them. you can't wash these holes out, it breeds bacteria. we recommend a brush. >> and maureen received mixed results when it came to storing her utensils and plate ware.
8:22 am
>> store these with the handles all the same way so when you grab one, you're not touching another one that touches food. and the plates should be in a separate cabinet. >> so food should be food and plates should be plates. >> after a thorough investigation, the results are in. >> i didn't see any public health hazards, so you would pass inspection. >> oh, good. thank you very much. >> so what can you do to make sure your kitchen passes inspection we have good housekeeping's editor. >> whether you're cooking or cleaning, everything has to be disinfected. a tablespoon of bleach, a gallon of water, let it sit for five minutes and then wipe it down
8:23 am
with a sponge. >> and you're done. let's move on to counter tops and handles. with people touching everything. >> the handles, the lever on the faucet. the easy way is to get a disinfecting cleaner. you need to make sure it's epa approved. under the directions, look and see how long it says that the surface needs to stay wet, because what actually kills the germs is evaporation. for some cleaners, it stays wet for only 10 seconds. >> what about sponge versus brush. >> a lot of people don't like using a brush. what you need to do is disinfect it. six tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water, do it every
8:24 am
week or so. >> are you talk about plastic or glass. >> we found in our testing that glass slips a lot. what's great about plastic is that you can put it in your dishwasher on the sanitizing ike cycle. >> you can buy those packs where one is for poultry, one is for -- >> especially if you use wooden cutting boards, raw meat, bleach is your friend and you want to sanitize it first with dish washing liquid and then soak it in the bleach sluolution and th wash it again. >> if there are crevasses in your wooden cooking board, you want to sand them down? >> really plastic is the best option and it's the least hassle and it's the least work. >> there's a lot of technology to help us in the kitchen and prevent germs from spreading. >> this is from lysol and this
8:25 am
dispenses soap, you never have to touch it. and there's faucets. this is slick. all you do is it senses your motion and then opens it. if you're in front of it for more than three seconds, then it knows that you're doing a big job and it stays open. if you're scraping plates, it understands that. >>ha tounk yal as .ways thank y.
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. time 8:26. >> 8:30, the time slammed down for northbound 880. coming up through oakland. saw this build over the last 15 minutes. travel times reflect that. all of your approaches towards the toll plaza. let me look at travel times. 580 also slow as the east shore freeway. there's your travel times. speed close to 20 and 30. approaching the toll plaza. really seeing 101 to 280 north.
8:27 am
seeing that slowdown, rob. >> seeing a slow commute. spilling more clouds your way this afternoon. this time tomorrow, we'll see rain and breeze inny conditions coming back to the bay area. in the meantime. temperature wise, san jose. 50s and 60s across the north bay, where we see showers showing up late today. spilling to the south tomorrow. big waves on the coast and clearing for the weekend. time 8:27. more news after the break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
the search continues this morning for a missing southern california hiker. michelle yu was hiking saturday when she disappeared. researchers said they are unable to reach her by cell phone. they're worried she might be injured because she's only supposed to take a day hike. she reportedly had water but not dressed for rain and snow that hit saturday night. more news coming up in half an hour. the "today" show returns in a minute. have a great morning. see you back here in a bit.
8:30 am
8:30 now on a tuesday morning, it's the seventh day of december, 2010. our crowd is in a giving mood and who can blame them. she's going to be back a little later on singing for us, live in
8:31 am
our studio. and if you can get down here in the next couple of days, you can still donate toys up until december 22, for more information, go to our website >> out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with meredith viera, al roker and natalie morales. >> coming up the barefoot contessa is going to share her secrets for a very simple delicious meal from the appetize tore the dessert. that's the barefoot contessa. and one of our all-time favorite folks jane pauley is here and she's got a sweet story about how chocolate gave one woman's life new purpose. and a little bit later on, kathie lee and hoda are going to catch up with two musical power houses, that young lady there,
8:32 am
taylor swift, who just happened to have been been crowned country music's entertainer of the year. let's say hi to mark and brendan, the latest contestants voted off "the biggest loser." we do a lot of these segments and i have to say that if i pass either one of you guys walking down the street, there's no way in the world i can say these guys are 421 and 362 pounds respectively. you guys look incredible. you really do. 461 -- 421, you started, what do you weigh now? >> you have to wait until next week. >> what's your ideal weight? >> i'm getting there, i'm very close. >> how about you, brendan? >> i'm not going to say either, i'm pretty close to my goal weight. i feel unbelievable.
8:33 am
>> what is the difference in the body weights? >> i have rediscovered myself. >> and you guys made to it the final. and you almost made to it the final four. are you disappointed that you didn't quite get there or are you happy with what you have been able to go through? >> i was bummed for a couple of days, i'm sure you were bummed for a little bit too, but you dust yourself off and stand right back up. >> what's one piece of advice, especially during the holidays. what's the one piece of advice you would give people to help them stay on track? >> we just walked all the time, we would get up in the morning and walk ten miles, you might not be able to work out, but everybody can go for a walk. >> keep moving. as long as you keep in motion, you'll be fine. >> a body in motion stays in
8:34 am
motion. >> mark and brad, thanks so much, congratulations, good luck and happy holidays. catch "the biggest loser" tonight at a special time. 9:00, 8:00 central time on nbc. >> see the girl right there in the blue hat? you're freezing. you're shaking. >> we have our hand warmers. >> she's shaking, al, she came here not knowing -- >> it's not my fault. >> we have to blame somebody. >> no, you don't.
8:35 am
expect to see a chance of rain, with more showers thursday into friday. >> i will take responsibility for telling you that the weather channel on cable or online is where you need to go to get your weather. when we come back, our good friend jane pauley tells us the story of a woman who changed her life with chocolate, but first, this is "today" onhey, guys ! what's going on ? we're fine. we just figured since it's taking forever to pay off our mortgage, we might as well slow our whole life down. touch the ball. get rid of your mortgage faster. get an easy orange mortgage from ing direct. pay less interest, pay more principal, pay it off sooner. yes !
8:36 am
8:37 am
back now at 8:37, the series your life calling today. jane pauley has been working with -- >> widowed with three kids, antoinette had to re -- she
8:38 am
loved it, even the 75-hour workweeks. but at 53, her life was calling again. a doctor delivered the message. >> some people thrive on hard work. antoinette little was just a can-do kind of person. >> until your doctor said you can't do this anymore. >> he goes out and talks to my family and tells my family, if she doesn't quit, she's going to die. >> chest pains and dizzy spells were symptoms of a serious heart condition. >> but you loved your job? >> and i still miss it. >> it wasn't just a paycheck she missed. >> it's a feeling of accomplishment. it's like do i have a purpose? >> the answer to antoinette's purpose was antoinette's chocolates. joe, her husband of 20 years had been nudging her towards culinary school.
8:39 am
>> we were walking around, and he said, let's just go in and look around. >> joe, that was on purpose. you dope, you can't tell me that. i'm just finding this out. >> it was no coincidence because he knew you were not happy. >> yeah. >> she signed up that day. >> oh, my god, they were so young. i was the oldest one in class, of course. >> by how many hearses? >> ten, 20? >> 30. easily 30. >> one course led to another until she could call herself a chef. >> starting a business is easier said than done. >> i thought i could be like martha stewart and the board of health says you can't use your home kitchen. >> phillipsburg, new jersey, a
8:40 am
town like antoinette trying to reinvent herself. >> by historic and charming, i mean it needed a lot of work. oh, yes, more money. >> the kitchen renovation alone cost $35,000. you're doing really well. >> a lot of people can't do this. >> she can make 300 truffles a day. >> this actually is work. antoinette's chocolates, a handmade high end confection. she has both the store and a website. >> how many employees do you have? >> just me. >> antoinette's chocolates. >> but after years of running a law firm, there's not much she can't do. on a day-to-day basis, you're the accountant? >> yes. >> you're your in house legal. >> yes. >> you do your it, your computer work. >> yes. >> you're a web designer.
8:41 am
>> yes. >> what else. >> make the chocolate. >> but after three years, she's just breaking even. >> i don't think you're in it for the money. >> i'm in it for the smiles. i don't have 60 attorneys, it's just different. it's almost like a zen feeling, working with chocolate. warm, silky, soothing, it's therapeutic. >> and the proof is not in the tasting. at 62, antoinette is not only happy, but healthier. chocolate, romantic, said duck ti seductive, delicious and maybe a lifesaver. >> after three years, antoinette is finally in the black, but
8:42 am
just breaking even. that's the reality check. she has yet to write herself a paycheck. which is par for the course when starting a new business. join join -- in the spirit of the holidays, i brought you a box of antoinette's handmade, not by me, chocolates. >> it's interesting to me compared to other people that you profiled, she didn't choose reinvention, it was forced upon her. >> and she's very happy, as you see, and still the law firm, she'll admit quite freely, i still miss it. so not everyone is looking for their bliss or their dream. she had to make this happen. >> well, i'm for one very glad that she did. >> i am too. >> jane pauley, thank you very much. up next, easy holiday recipes. ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ i can't wait ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪ ♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪ ♪ i was up all night in anticipation feeling electric jewels of jubilation. ♪ ♪ yule tide carols from the local congregation. ♪ ♪ make it tough to hold my patience in check. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪ ♪ is it time yet, is it time, i can't wait. ♪
8:45 am
"today's" holiday kitchen is brought to you by hershey's kisses, delightfully delicious, one of a kind. and this morning on "today's" holiday kitchen, we're talking about fabulous recipes and easy tips for entertaining family and friends. her new cookbook is called barefoot contessa. it is about letting the host or hostess relax and enjoy the afternoon or the evening. >> i just think when you cook, everybody shows up. and that's what i care about. >> you believe that when people walk into the house for a party, you don't want to overwhelm them with food right off the bat. >> i want it to smell great when people walk in. the first thing is rosemary roasted nuts. so i've got a combination of pecans and whatever you have,
8:46 am
almonds and cashews. >> a little sweetness, a little brown sugar. >> hold on. >> a little olive oil. in fact i used canola oil so it all sticks, which is great. and you want a little bit of maple syrup. a little sweet maple syrup. and the whole thing goes into the oven. >> i'll mix those up. >> we have garlic -- are you cooking or am i cooking? >> i'll help you cook. >> garlic and olive oil, you heat it up. don't let that garlic burn, though. >> you want to add white wine,
8:47 am
put it in, and lots of lemon. the zest has so much flavor. and we have a little bit of thyme and oregano. you want that to cook for just a second. brush them with olive oil. these are chicken breasts with the bone out. >> bone out? why is that? >> i think they're a little more elegant. and this goes right in the pan. and then you put the chicken on top, it goes into the oven. 400 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. it depends on how thick the chicken breasts are. >> and if it's not brown, stick it under the broiler for a few minutes? >> happy holidays.
8:48 am
>> and lots of lemon so it cooks all together. and right into the oven. >> your ftc version of the cooking show. >> sauteed onions and chicken stock. you give it a good stir for about ten minutes. >> and then you put in toasted pine nuts, it gives it a little more flavor and a little color. you've got string beans and sauteed shallots. >> this is looks great. >> this is cranberry and apples. >> and orange juice and some brown sugar and this batter is just like making eggs.
8:49 am
so -- >> the hard part is not getting it all. >> how about if i help? >> sure. >> and you put it in the oven and it bakes like that. >> beautiful. but you have to have a gorgeous table setting. >> and what's it called? >> it's a raspberry royal. >> happy holidays. >> so much none. >> meredith, nice to have you here on your last day. a live performance from natasha benning.
8:50 am
8:51 am
she burst onto the music scene in 2006 with her debut album. just four years after her first hit, natasha is ready to introduce herself with her first studio album ", strstrip me.." meaning behind the title. >> we all have a hectic life and we need to come town. i'm in pop music, but it's more
8:52 am
stripped back in life and in a nutshell what it's about. >> coming up on two years for your wedding? life going good years for you and matt? >> great. >> it feels like a release to me. i've been in the studio not showing it to anyone and now my music has become everyone's. >> so thrilled to have you here. take it away, natasha. ♪ la-la-la every day i fight for all my future ♪ ♪ i could spend the night time earning things i don't need ♪
8:53 am
♪ what would you buy i'll be all right ♪ ♪ take what you want, fill me up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
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8:56 am
tuesday is when you mick up some time, but not on bart.
8:57 am
out of embarcadero station. there will be equipment problems that keep those in place. we'll watch to see if there's a cascade effect. we do have issue, look at that, scott, heavy traffic causing slowdowns and there are your approaches to the bay bridge where the backup continues to bt inowds t theheds maze. we have speeds 20 miles per hour most of the morning. more after this. awesome! i'm not smelling anything. [ female announcer ] everything for holiday baking. just add love. safeway. ingredients for life.
8:58 am
so what's everyone's favorite holiday food? eggnog. gingerbread. and you, nutcracker? i like nuts. [ female announcer ] if it tastes like the holidays, we've got it. safeway. ingredients for life. a bay area man is expected to court this morning to answer to charges that he severely beat an elderly priest. 43-year-old will lynch is expected to enter a plea in superior court. lynch said the priest molested him and his brother repeatedly
8:59 am
over the years. lynch told friends and family he's going to use his court case to publicly shame lindher and call attention to clergy abuse. the "today" show returns in about one nu. i'm suzanne shah. editorial director. we not only subsidize the lower rate force junk mail. we pay again to haul it a what. you can stop some of the waste by taking your name off the list. it's free at catalog but that's not enough. like the national do not call
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registry, which blobs telemarketers, nbc bay area supports a do not mail registry. urge your legislators to do the right thing. as with many reform, what starts in the bay area can go national. join this cause with us online at nbc ♪ >> singing one of her latest
9:01 am
songs. we're back on a tuesday morning, december 7, 2010. we're going to hear from natasha in a little while. take a look outside, it's a cold morning out on rockefeller plaza. it's in the 30s, a little windchill in the 20s. we got a nice group of people hanging out, we appreciate that as well. coming up in this half hour, elizabeth edwards battle with cancer, she has decided to stop seeking treatment for her breast cancer on the advice of her doctors. coming up, the latest on her condition and her emotional message to her friends and supporters. >> and then changing gears in our diet s.o.s. joy some delicious food choices
9:02 am
if you're trying to cut back on salt. and we show you some great gifts at discounted prices, some as much as 90%, 91% off just for "today" viewers. this is the best ever that i have seen. we have got a deal for everyone on your list, whether they're a steak lover or a jewelry lover. stay by your computer for this one. a lot to get to, but first ann is on assignment this morning. you've got a check of the top stories. a court date in london today for wikileaks julian assange. president obama is now trying to convince fellow democrats to support an extension of the bush era tax cuts. republicans agreed to middle class tax breaks and an extension of long-term jobless benefits.
9:03 am
elizabeth edwards has decided to stop treatment for her breast cancer now that the disease has spread to her liver. she is said to be resting at home with her family by her side, including her estranged husband john. ron mott is in chapel hill with the latest. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards has waged a battle with breast cancer since 2004. at one point she got a clean bill of health, the cancer was thought to be in remission, but the cancer returned three years ago. on monday, 61-year-old elizabeth edwards announced she was suspending treatment for her cancer after doctors told her it had spread to her liver. >> she's with the people that she loves, her children, her sister, her brother-in-law. john is coming and going as well. he's very much involved in the kids' lives and in her life. >> my rock, my love and your next vice president john edwards. >> on the campaign trail,
9:04 am
elizabeth was a force behind her husband's campaign. in 1996, their teenaged son wade was killed in a car accident and in 2004, edwards began a six-year battle with breast cancer. in 2007, she stood with john when they announced her cancer had returned, both saying he should continue his run for the white house. >> we're going to always look for the silver lining, it is who we are as people and we'll continue to do it. >> reporter: but then tabloid whispers about john's affair became full blown headlines putting the couple's marriage of 30-plus years in tunnfurm oil. >> finally last year with john finding that he had fathered a child out of wedlock, she decideded to separate from john. >> i was going to be on my own in a way that i maybe hadn't everybody really been and that was pretty terrifying,
9:05 am
particularly faced with a disease, young children and a fairly uncertain future. >> reporter: she continued speaking out for health care, even opening a small business, now she has gathered at home with friends and family, including her children. >> i have had the opportunity to have these great children, i have had wonderful friends, i have had experiences that really couldn't be replaced and opportunities to talk about things that matter to me. >> reporter: a family friend told the associated press that why would elizabeth edwards is indeed gravely ill, that she is in no pain and is in good spirits. natalie. >> ron mott, thanks so much. relief should come later this beak for the eastern half of the country, lake-effect snow piled up and farmers as far south as florida took emergency steps to protect their crops
9:06 am
from the cold. israeli officials say they found the cause of that massive forest fire that killed 42 people. police have taken a 14-year-old boy into custody who confessed to throw iing -- the death toll from cholera in haiti has now officially passed 2,000. cholera has gripped the earthquake ravaged nation since october. u.s. supreme court is set to decide whether or not walmart will face the largest class action employment lawsuit in history. 1.5 million former and current female employees are suing the retail giant for gender discrimination. walmart is challenging the massive case. us airways flight made an unscheduled landing. the manchester terrier and his
9:07 am
89-year-old owner were allowed to continue their trip, though on a different flight. and it's a tough job, but somebody's got to be the champion couch potato. the aspiring spuds competed for a $10,000 grand prize. in the end it was a three-way tie. the guys broke the world record of 86 hours of continuous tv watching without falling asleep. that is just plain unbelievable. seven minutes past the hour, let's go back to al. >> unbelievable because you're not a guy. >> 86 hours, al. they finally said, okay, let's call it. >> piece of cake. let's check your weather and see what's going on. look at these temperatures, 13 in indianapolis. 28 in savannah, 48 in miami. by this afternoon, temperatures only up into the 20s in indianapolis, right around 60 for myself. and that basically departures of
9:08 am
anywhere from five to 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. we don't see any break really until thursday on into friday. not a bad start to the morning so far. we've got some patches of fog that slows your commute. the rain should hold off except for the far north bay later on in the afternoon. highs pleasant around lunch time. could see 50s to 60s. mid 50s along san jose. approaching 4:00. north bay location seeing highs in the 50s as more clouds spill in. expect to see a chance of rain developing. chance of rain with more showers thursday into friday. time for joy's diet s.o.s. joy bauer, "today's" nutritionist and the creator of the brand-new dvd, yjoy bauer
9:09 am
slim down. joy, good to see you. >> we're going to go to skype right now. good morning, helen. >> good morning, how are you? >> we're great. what's your question? >> this time of year gets kind of hectic and i have a hard time keeping my energy levels up, what are some ways with food and maybe supplements that i can increase my energy levels at this time. >> the first thing you need to know that there are no safe supplements that can magically boost your energy level. it really boils down to getting a good night's sleep and some strategies with your food. there are some things from the food perspective. first you want to make sure that you're feeding your body and your blood sugars every four to five hours. you don't want those blood sugars to dip because it's going to zap your averaenergy. you want to make sure you have some source of protein which means more prolonged energy. you want to nix the soda, the
9:10 am
cookies and the candy. you want to drink throughout the day, stay hydrated. >> when you talk about drinking, you're talking about water. >> water. >> otherwise you're confusing our director joe michaels. >> and when all else fails, here's another drink that will do the trick. coffee or tea, because caffeine will help to temporarily wake you up. >> but in moderation? >> you have to figure out what your sensitivity level is with caffeine and then you can judge it from there. but a good night's sleep is the most important. >> let's go to the phone, we have got barron in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> caller: i love eating ham during the holidays, but due to its high sodium, i'm afraid to eat it. i'm wondering if i can cut the sodium down either by a particular type i buy or how i prepare it?
9:11 am
>> unfortunately, holiday ham is supersalty because it's cured. salt is a part of the ham making process. a splurge here and there is perfectly fine especially if you don't have high blood pressure. you can buy fresh ham that's uncured and unprocessed. the issue is going to be it's not going to taste like your normal traditional holiday ham because salt is such a big flavor feature. >> and then there's an alternative. >> you can also make a pork tenderloin. tenderloin is leaner and far less salty than cured ham. a there and's marineades and rubs that work well. >> finally we got a viewer e-mail.
9:12 am
this one from vivian in ontario canada. she says i know white sugar is something to avoid, but what about pure honey? i put a teaspoon in my oatmeal every morning. >> in moderation, it's okay, that would mean one to two teaspoons in your cereal. just like white sugar, honey needs to be moderated. for some reason, people tend to give honey a healthier reputation than white sugar. but it's such a minuscule amount, it translates to almost nothing. >> what about agabe. . >> you can use less agave. it does not elevate your blood sugars like honey and sugar does, but it's got some other issues as well. it elevates triglycerides. whether it's honey, whether it's sugar, whether it's agave. go for the one that you like the
9:13 am
taste the best, but just minimize the amount that you're using, go for one or two teaspoons. just moderate. >> but we don't want to moderate it watching your new dvd. >> i want to moderate the couch potato. everything from jewelry to steak. just for watching at home. and the four-time grammy award winner, best sell plaque psoriasis r severe with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara®, your doctor should test for tuberculosis.
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we are back with our very popular series, jill's steals and deals. we have more great bargains for our holiday gift list, especially for our "today" show viewers. jill martin is here with our exclusive discounts. this is going to be the best ever. >> because you're ready to eat and get set for the holidays. >> we have covered everyone in this. and let's remind viewers how you do this again. >> retailers bring us these deals, i am in no way a spokesperson for any of these
9:17 am
nor do i benefit from any of these sales. when we get off the air, go to and i want our viewers to be very patient because we have lad an overwhelming response to the segment. if you're having trouble, keep trying throughout the day. >> holiday cards right now, a lot of us are in the crush to get them done. here's an offer from tiny pra prints. >> this is tiny prints, originally for ten cards and they have a huge celebrity following, $29.40. steals and deals price, $5 and 83% off. go to, get the code, that will connect you with tiny prints. upload a picture and texts, these are the cards and they actually work as ornaments. >> great, wonderful. and it's very easy to do and they can ship right away. >> you'll get them in time to
9:18 am
ship out and you look like you really planned for the holidays. >> also over here, jewelry, great watches actually by jennifer miller, they come in an assortment of colors here. rubber band. >> so it's nine colors, again, crystal encrusted watches. originally $125. that's 80% off. plus you get 15% off the jewelry site as well. so this is a great deal. and these are really good for day or night and great obviously as a gift for the holidays. >> really perfect, that came to $25, that's a great christmas gift right there. >> and in all the colors. >> all the colors, exactly. this one, everybody's going to love this deal. because i'm already salivating over this. the sure to thrill, gift assortment package. this is perfect for the holidays, you can't ask for a better deal. >> this is really amazing
9:19 am
because if you don't cook like me and you have somebody just show up, you can prepare this in 30 minutes or less. this is dinner for four very hung dri people. $181.95 retail. today show price, $39.95. you get four bacon wrapped fillet mignons. four stuffed baked potatoes and a gift card, all for $39.99. it comes to your house and you can prepare it in 30 minutes or less. and everyone's salivating around here right now. >> it's fantastic, it's great for the holidays and you can keep this all holiday season long. you can just keep feeding your family. >> and you can pretend that you made it. okay more jewelry, this one also is just beautiful and unbelievable. who likes tahitian pearls?
9:20 am
every woman likes tahitian pearls first up right here is this beautiful pearl. >> tahitian pearls are really trendry right now. you can tresz it up, dress it down. $420, steals and deals price $39, and every woman should have either a set or something really simple that you can wear every day. >> i like how you layer the look here, it looks really nice. >> what a great gift. men around here, you can buy this for their wives. >> a fresh water pearl set is another offering, and tell us what you get with this. >> this is obviously the classic set, with studs and the necklace. $1,000 is the retail price. the steals and deals price, $99, that's 90% off. so for $99 you get the stud
9:21 am
earrings and the single strand of pearls. and they come in all these colors as well. >> the classic white, pink, multicolor lavender and black. >> jill martin, you have outdone yourself, the best ever steals and deals. the five products the holiday collection of cards, the jennifer miller crystal encrusted watches, omaha steaks sure to thrill gift assortment package and the tahitian pearls and the white pearls. go to for the promotion code. again be patient. the website is offering these exclusive deals, we'll be sure they get your orders processed as soon as they c comin up five great meals in five great cities coming off after this. on the wings of lunesta. here, and if you wake up often in the middle of the night...
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9:24 am
you're welcome. you're welcome. [ male announcer ] happy holidays from our family to yours. i love christmas. so far this year, our toy drive had shipped out more than $10 million worth of toys and gifts for kids all over the united states. rick, good to see you again. what are you doing for us this year? we're always so thrilled. >> this year, it's hello kitty and we're doing sandwich keepers and this wonderful tumbler, and i've got to say, i think we're up to several million dollars now on the toy drive. and i'm always here for boys and girls clubs as you know. >> we appreciate everything you do, it's always very special, especially in a tough economy. and still ahead, as we continue on "today," don't forget, you can continue to donate on the plaza until
9:25 am
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good morning, everybody, time now, is 9:26. i'm brett cannon. we want to check with mike, who has not one, but two, but three accidents. >> that's right. one of them is the southbound direction. you do have traffic flowing by. we are mostly on the shoulder. this is a big distraction. this is typically where we see this slow drive for 101 as well. atypical is the amount of slowing we see coming to the maze. very heavy traffic flow. likely a lot of friends went
9:27 am
over there. really jammed up there. has been since 8:15. really bogged down. coming in the northbound direction. there's a lot out there. rob has a look at the forecast. >> we're seeing some fog, nice temperatures for most of the santa clara valley and 60s. as more cloud coming in, hitting at rain coming back for tomorrow showrns t showershu thursday and friday, t then we clear up and warm up some for the weekend. rs
9:28 am
people around the bay area remember pearl harbor today. survivals dwindle each year. four members of the mt. diablo chapter died this past summer. at 3:45 this afternoon, survivors will speak on mt.
9:29 am
diablo. they will also stop at st. francis of acissi school to talk about it. people will show support for the dream act. students from san jose state. santa clara university and san jose city college are expected to attend. there's also a canned food drive in san francisco at 4:15 this afternoon at st. johns church on 15th street. the house is expected to vote on the dream act this week. if it passes it grants permanent res. >> dan:cy to immigrants or who served in the military. >> more local news coming up in half an hour, and "today" show returns in just a
9:30 am
♪ you made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter ♪ ♪ you are the best thing that's ever been mine ♪ >> she has the best selling album of last year and her current album is burning up the digital charts and taylor swift turns 21 next week and she's going to be stopping by in our next hour. meanwhile, coming up in this half hour, we like to say that we travel on our stomachs around here.
9:31 am
>> we love to eat and wherever we broadcast from, we're going to find a guy whose job is to make it across america. adam is sharing some of his favorite meals from cities across the country that he says cannot be missed. five cant miss meals across the country. and if you're a new parent or you know somebody who just had a baby, you know how special an infant's first christmas is. we have personalized gifts from silver keepsakes, the new parents treasure. which one of these is not like the other? >> baby's first horror christmas. oh, my gosh. wow. suddenly the kids need therapy for their second christmas. >> we have got great gifts coming up. first you got to check the weather.
9:32 am
let's see what's happening, for today, we have got rain and snow in the pacific northwest, more heavy snow for the eastern great lakes, from erie, pennsylvania into watertown new york, tomorrow frigid air continues from new england all the way down into the southeast. we have got more rain and snow in the pacific northwest, mild in the southwest, with snow showers coming across the plains as we get a little clipper system moving across. not a bad start to the morning so far. we've got some patches of fog that could slow your commute, but the rain should hold off, except for the far north bay a little later on in the afternoon. highs pretty pleasant around lunch time. for a brief time. mid 60s around san jose, before we cool off. north bay locations seeing highs in the 50s as more clouds spill in. expect to see a chance of rain developing into the north bay spilling into wednesday, showers thursday and friday.
9:33 am
>> and that's your latest weather. coming up next -- okay, which picture for the card? hellllllo...that one, everyone looks great. [ female announcer ] when you make your christmas cards at my show, perfect. ♪ la la la la la la laaa ♪ [ daughter ] dad! sorry. aww yeah! that one! [ female announcer ] ...we address and mail them for you... [ little boy ] now that's a good one. [ indistinct conversations ] [ female announcer ] ...which gives you more... done! [ female announcer ] time.
9:34 am
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never now and then you travel to a city and you taste a dish that just hits the spot. we're going to show you some great meals in five cities that can not be missed. this author of "america the edible" the hungry history from sea to dining sea. adam, great to see you again. i like that you're wearing two of your hanukkah gifts. >> thank you mom for my jacket on my shirt. let's get started, first of all, you've traveled all over, how do you narrow it down to five? >> it's impossible. and it's kind of hard to rank them.
9:38 am
how do you compare sushi to sunday's pizza. but the things that i love are local, things that have a tradition behind them and they don't have to be supergourmet or superornate. sometimes the most simple dish if it's crafted with skill can be absolutely incredible. >> not too far from here, we're talking about ellen b garden. the grape tomato salad is really really simple. it's virtually impossible to see vinaigrette. the slices that you see are just amazing. some red onion, grape tomato. >> what kind of pizza is that one? >> the slice on top of the cheese and it's a raw sauce, it's actually not cooked at all. they put the cheese underneath
9:39 am
it and they use an oven that works like a convection oven. it's pretty awesome. >> roast pork sandwich at dinnicks in philadelphia. everybody thinks cheesesteak in philly. >> it's unfortunate that this sandwich has gotten the short strip from the cheesesteak. everything comes from philly. the ham they use, the bread is baked in south philly. >> look how healthy it is, it's got spinach. >> the bitterness of broccoli raw with the richness of the pork, outstanding. >> every thanksgiving, i understand you fly in mac and cheese from detroit's slow barbecue? >> it's one of those amazing places that has such social consciousness as much as having amazing food. their mac and cheese is
9:40 am
transce transcendental. >> what is it about their mac and dhecheese. >> it has levels of flavor which you very seldom see. they use shells instead of the elbow macaroni. will it change your life. >> it will change your life? >> it changed mine. it's done nothing for my silhouet silhouette. >> and minneapolis, a great food town and we're going to go to pork and spinach at the brasa. >> james bearden, an award winner, and great friend of alex roberts.
9:41 am
he had made his name in fine dining and this was his sort of primarial food passion project. and the slow roasted pork should have a sign on it not to be used as a marital aid. it's just this incredibly slow roasted stewed pork. it's not overly creamy or overly thick. it's a gas station, you can come as you are and it's just about the experience of indulging in the rapture of home made food. >> from austin, texas, the hot and crunchy cone. >> i don't have a girlfriend or even a fiance. but i always said that mighty cone would cater my wedding. >> start with what's important. >> exactly. but it's amazing, they take chicken, they take shrimp and they even deep fry the avocado,
9:42 am
sea salt, sesame seeds. all on these carts and will's literally nothing like this in the world. it's fried, but has a little bit of playfulness. it's pretty awesome. >> fried but playful. now i know what to look for in the south. >> adam richman, thanks so much. mind boggles. making your baby's first holiday memorable with tons of gifts right after these messages. ♪
9:43 am
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9:46 am
new mothers always want to cherish their child's first christmas or hanukkah with a memorable keepsake. here with some ideas meredith barnett, good morning. last time we saw you you were out here. you had a little baby boy, teddy.
9:47 am
congratulationses. >> thank you so much. >> we know what you're talking about. >> i know what i'm talking about, because i have a baby and it is his first holiday and i want a keepsake that he'll treasure for ever but also that is useful. >> it looks like you really put some thought into the gift and it is something that the child will treasure and the parents will treasure. >> absolutely. >> and hopefully it will be passed down from generations. >> silver gifts, we all love to get these. i'll have my book, my kids little cup on the shelf. >> we're starting with the most classic gift. a gift that's been given for many, many, many generations. these gifts are useful. my son has a silver rattle and it's his favorite toy because he can put it in his hand, he can put it in his mouth when he's teething and it's shiny and fun. there's two tips for getting
9:48 am
silver for aanordab affordably. look for silver plate. >> now blankets. you can't get enough of them. it's a fantastic gift, but when they are personalized, it's even more special. >> it just adds another layer of special. i love these blankets, they're fle fleece so you can put them over a shoulder and add an extra layer of warmth. >> and these are very affordable? >> they are, they're about $59, and you can throw them in the wash which is great. i always like to put my son down and take a picture of him with his name over the blanket. they have a whole variety of animals on them too, which is fun. >> and these are by admiral rose. and stools, i got one of these
9:49 am
actually for my son luke. and they're really great. it's not just a handy gift, but it's fun for them. it's a little puzzle. >> my son can't sit on this quite yet, but i can use it to reach things high in his closet. it's perfectly sized for him. he can use it to learn his colors, his letters. and i can see him someday down the line, he's going to be using it to brush his teeth at the sink. >> and books are also the gift that keeps on giving. >> they have a holiday option, and all sorts of options, pirate stories, fair y tales. >> you should move this week to order, but you'll be able to get it by christmas if you put in your order this week. >> and over here, how can you go wrong with a gorgeously adorable classic.
9:50 am
and this one is so soft. >> they're so soft. >> i just love that. >> these are two gifts and they are sold separately, but it comes as two gifts in one. there's the teddy bear but there's a sweater that you can actually take off the bear and put it on your child. and then when your child grows out of the sweater, you can put it back on the bear. >> these are traditional but at the same time very personal. i know everybody's always overwhelmed by all the toys they have in their house. so these are things they'll actually use. >> you should move quickly. >> we have all the info on our website, and also >> thank you very much, meredith. congratulations again, a little teddy, we look forward to meeting him. back in a moment, but first "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider
9:51 am
9:52 am
is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
9:53 am
taylor swift, they're going to duke it out. >> a big cat fight downstairs. >> taylor's going to talk about her new cd and the whole bit. >> and she's on entertainment weekly's entertainer of the year. >> big deal. >> she'll be 21 next week, she can't drink with you girls. >> i want her to marry cody. i think that can be arranged.
9:54 am
>> up next after your news and weather.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
good everyone, it's 9:56. let's check the commute. >> the accident blocking the fast lane sounds like crews expecting it to take possibly an hour to clear. this say huge issue, because this is right near valley. it gets crowded this time of year because of christmas shoppers, take note. or take 280 up past the area and get off at the st. carlos exit. all accidents are cleared. three over the last half hour of cleared. main slowdown as we approach the bay bridge. backup of the toll plaza not so bad right now. we'll look at the forecast. good tuesday morning. we're tracking the next storm system which is offshore, spilling in clouds. eventually good chance of rain around this time this morning, temperatures around the bay, kind of mild. we should see 60s around the inner bay, and 60s around the
9:58 am
north bay. clouds spilling in and chance of showers for the afternoon. now we'll see a chance of rain with breezy conditions and things clear out just in time for the weekend. all right. thank you, rob. a northern california teen has been seriously hurt after someone pull aid trunk made popular on youtube. they call it fire in the hole. dozen of clips are posted showing people throwing soft drinks at fast food employees. but a recent person threw a bowl of hot screamed spinach soup. the cashier has second to third degree burn, the victim talks about what he thinks of these videos on the web. >> people think this is really a really funny joke to pull. >> now, police are still looking for who injured amlus. it is assault. more local news in half an hour. the "today" show returns in about half a minute. hi! welcome to
9:59 am
come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. welcome to the show. it is tuesday. booze day. you know what we're talking about. >> yes, you do. wooengets delighted you are here with us today. some people will always remember today as pearl harbor day. and time to remember everyone who sacrificed there. but it was also the day that i had my broadway debut 11 years ago. and i just thought that's what they are going to say.
10:01 am
kathie lee bombs on broadway. that's what i thought was -- >> which it wasn't. >> thankfully didn't. >> just in time for the holidays, hoda, do you know you can get this angel champagne? >> we want to point out that no one is going to be able to buy this champagne. >> only mariah carey. >> it's a $980 bottle of champagne. it is adorned with diamond cut swarovsky crystals. >> it's pretty small. but it's beautiful. >> it's $980. >> what makes it very special is it stays apparently in the cellar for -- >> years. >> yeah, like three years as opposed to 13 months or something like that. >> so of the $980, this is probably $200 worth. >> i know it. >> let's see if it tastes any different. >> oh, i like it.
10:02 am
>> very nice. >> oh, please don't get used to it. >> you know what i'll never get used to? not having don meredith on this planet. he was a very, very dear friend of frank's. passed away sunday night in his home in santa fe with his wife susan. i think his daughter heather or i'm not sure which daughter was with him. anyway, we'll be heading off for his funeral later this week. frank broke up last night on "monday night football." we were taping a little bit of it at our house. and he was doing just great. i did his makeup and he looked awesome. and he was, of course, concerned, hoda, that he wouldn't get through it. and he did until the very end and then broke up. >> nightly did a piece on it and showed don meredith and frank and all the guys from "monday night football." it was interesting to watch him in the day and don's career and how he got out of football at 31 and went into "monday night football" and was such a character, right? >> he was one of the most comfortable people ever in his own skin.
10:03 am
and he didn't care if he was with the queen of england or the guys in the balcony. don was don. one of my favorite stories is -- i'll take a quick time to tell it. first time -- frank, i had just met. we were colleagues at another morning show. and frank called me out of the blue. he goes the cowboys are in town. you want to go to lunch? i went the cowboy? i was new in new york. he goes don meredith. i go, yeah. then i realized, what do i have to talk to frank gifford and don meredith about, right? so we go to lunch and don and frank sit opposite me and they go like this. they start to grill me about my love life. and i told them, right now i'm dating a guy a few years younger and don is sitting there in his cowboy hat. and he looks at me and he goes, kathie lee, i'm going to tell you something, you need to find yourself an older man. i said i do? i said how am i going to know
10:04 am
which one. he's going to say to you, kathie lee, i'm going to take a tour of you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes with lots of intermittent stops. and i went oh, my god. i am so out of my league here. and frank is sitting next to him going, i've heard that a million times. but that was don. he was one of the funniest, funniest human beings ever. he's cody's godfather, so cody is going to take a couple of his exams early and meet us. but he was always the life of the party. always the life of the party. >> you cracked up. every time he had something to say, he seemed like he was just funny and zany and -- >> my favorite one is when some fan gave the finger to cameraman and don doesn't miss a beat. he goes, look, howard. they still think they're number one. he just -- he was the best. just the best. >> all right. anyway. >> well, there's a lot going on.
10:05 am
>> yes there is. now women, it says here in this survey, are more likely to date below their standards during the holidays than men. >> cheers, hoda. cheers, baby. >> i just had it. i have -- okay. because you get lonely because it's christmas and new year's and you want to date for new year's, you don't care who it is. >> but that's not true. you would care. >> i would. but sometimes there's a thing. it's new year's eve. it's parties. it's a couply kind of holiday. it's nice to be with someone. i don't think i would just go with anyone for new year's eve. >> he has to have his own teeth. that's an absolute requirement. >> okay. but here's what bums me out about the president of botswana. >> this is unbelievable. >> he's 57. he's never been married and now wants a wife. so he has a requirement. he wants tall and slim he told his people. >> he's no walk in the park himself, i'm sorry. >> this is what he said. he pointed to an assistant minister and said, hey, i don't
10:06 am
want one like that one. pointed to one of the women in the room. she may fail to pass through the door breaking furniture with her heavy weight and even breaking the vehicle shock absorbers. charming guy. you know what? charming and he dispatched his presidential aides to find a suitable mate. >> no, no. >> i'm not sure there is one. i think he told us everything about himself that we need to know, hoda. >> he's off your list. >> why do i even -- >> do you go into like starbucks and get a latte and take out your laptop and just work for hours and hours and hours. >> no. i often go and look for a table and they're all occupied by people sitting there all day long. i actually went to borders and there was a woman there. and there were no seats. i was just holding my coffee. she pointed you can come sit here. i'm leaving. so i walk over there and she was still sitting there. she said i've been here working since 10:30. but i think it's -- i think it's a little weird that people sit
10:07 am
all day long. you have to get your work done, and i get it, but -- here's the other weird thing. >> incredibly lonely to me. >> when i was sitting at the table and waiting for someone to join me. someone said can i sit at your table. i said i am waiting for someone to join me. a woman next to me asked a guy who was -- an older guy by himself and said is anyone sitting here. she got three chairs and put her three young kids there with the guy. and she sat at another table. the man was like this. she's like drink your juice yelling across the place. >> would you ask somebody if you could sit at their table if they were sitting reading the paper. would you say would you mind if i -- >> i've asked if i could borrow a chair from the table but i think that's personal space, you know? i don't know. i would have a problem with that. but i'm not a lingerer. >> right. you are in and out. >> i am not a --
10:08 am
i don't like -- >> sorry. i'm being silly. but you know what? here's the thing. here's another example. in a movie theater, you are sitting. >> oh, you do this a lot because you go to the movies alone sometimes. >> so sometimes there's an empty seat in front of me and the person i'm sitting nox who i know. so sometimes i'll just lay my coat gently over the seat in front of me so nobody will sit there and block your view. >> because there are thousands of other seats. if it were crowded, i'd move it. and then someone will go, hey, what's that. and i'll be like, i don't know. i don't know. somebody must be saving that. i guess they're coming back from the bathroom. got to get some popcorn. >> you always feel sorry for the person that sits behind you. >> yeah, i do. i feel terrible. i have a lot of hair and i'm tall. so i always try to sink down and then i'm miserable all through the movie. i try to make sure it's convenient for them. >> here's the thing about the whole starbucks stuff. i don't like noise in movie
10:09 am
theaters. starbucks, you aren't allowed to talk anymore in the kofo shop because everybody is doing their work. when did it become the library? >> it's that way on trains or planes. have you ever been on a plane and someone behind you is having a regular conversation but it sound really loud because you are crammed on the plane. and do you ever say anything to anybody like i'm trying to rest or -- no. >> i sometimes will say something to a stewardess or flight attendant. would you mind asking them -- they are really -- >> if they are too, too loud. i never say anything. i just turn up my walkman or whatever, ipod and try to tune it out. >> i can't believe we have them both in the same studio. i'm looking at taylor swift and mary j. blythe. so incredibly beautiful. so incredibly accomplished. they have no idea we're talking about them. >> and taylor's mom here is, too. >> oh, good. >> we met her dad last time. >> it's a whole family thing. >> look how adorable they both are. >> tons and tons to talk about. i say bite because if there was
10:10 am
a dog on a usairways flight that took umbrage at a passenger. he was a 12-pound or 15-pound little doggy named mandy. the elderly lady that had him -- >> not her. it may not be her. >> no, she doesn't look like she has a dog with her. >> that is her. >> okay. she had him under her seat but the tranquilizer for the dog, i guess, wore off and the dog -- >> so she was holding it and she thought he'd take it out and hold it. the man sitting next to her goes to pet the dog. nice man. bad idea. bites him. and goes on a rampage. >> and the flight attendant tries to stop the dog and it sto bites the flight attendant. emergency landing because the dog went crazy. >> can you picture that? >> i would be so mad if you were on the plane and it has to land because of the dog. but the poor lady. >> i felt bad. >> i always think that could be my mom. oy. still to come, double trouble in the house. we're going to talk with taylor
10:11 am
swift and mary j. blige nt toyk want to talk to each other it seems. first these messages. and mary jy want to talk to each other. but first these messages. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin? challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. new regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenert. of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy.
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10:14 am
♪ ♪ that's the way i wake up every morning because my daughter's got it blaring out of her bedroom. you're listening to the very young and very talented taylor swift, four-time grammy winner and the youngest artist to score the biggest grammy yet, album of the year. >> as if that's not enough, she's also the top selling digital artist in music history. recently she released her much-anticipated cd called "speak now." believe it or not all before her 21st birthday. >> that comes next week. >> it does! thank you. >> are you excited about turning
10:15 am
21? is that a big milestone for you? >> it is a big birthday. i've been reminded about it by all the people who's come up to me. 21's big. so i'm really excited. >> it represents you are legally an adult. >> yeah, it's crazy. >> what's funny about you -- i met you -- obviously we both have, many times before. were you already a grown-up. >> you're a grown-up soul. >> you really were before all that. >> thank you, that's so sweet. >> but your life path long before many, many people find -- you knew from your earlier memory what you wanted to do. didn't you? >> i feel really lucky because i figured out what i love more than anything out from a really early age. that's something i feel really grateful for and getting to actually do that and having my family behind me and like all the fans who have helped and made this all possible is crazy to me sometimes. >> your mom and daddy love them both. your dad is kind of cheerleader with two pompons and your mom is the realist. >> they balance is all out
10:16 am
really well. my dad is the one who's like, man, i'm telling you, i know i said your last show was the best show, but this one was just so great. he's handing out guitar picks to the fans -- >> i know. we were with him in the crowd for your concert on the plaza recently. this is the first time i'm meeting your mom. does she ever give you advice that did you not follow? >> of course. of course. i mean that's the whole thing. i think in life you learn that you learn lessons on your own. the ones that you learn that impact you the most are the ones you learn the hard way. but i mean learning that and putting that on this album and getting ready for another tour. >> this one's really world. this one's like -- intergalactic. isn't it? >> yeah. this one i'm really excited about it. it is going all over the world. it is sponsored by cover girl. i'm so stoked about going back out on the road, seeing the fans and all that. >> you're doing many things now, a whole new line of cover girl cosmetics. >> yeah, i'm so stoked. it is a new line that comes out
10:17 am
in january called nature locks. i'm really excited to be partnered up with cover girl. they've been so nice to me. i'm just really excited about this girl. >> let's talk about this girl. i have a copy of "entertainment weekly." you are named entertainer of the girl. >> yeah, that was nice of them. >> they're not that nice, trust me. and they know who they are. >> was that a surprise? >> it was to me actually. getting that phone call saying, they want to do a photo shoot for you because they want to put you on the cover. it's like, really? it's just so -- i'm so grateful. like i have so many moments during the day where i'm like really? like this is really happening? and i love that because i think that, just being excited by stuff on a daily basis, i'm very excited about it. >> so much of what you write about is so honestly what goes on in your life whether it's just friendships or loves, present, past, future. what's going to happen to your song writing ability when you finally find that perfect guy
10:18 am
for you -- cody gifford -- and at that point you have no anks left -- cody gifford -- because you're so happy. you might as well just retire and have cody gifford's children. what's going to happen then? >> i think for me i've always had this basic formula that if i continue to write songs about my life and my life is always changing then my music will always be changing. that's the goal. you want to take musical risks, you want to write about different things. as i grow and experience different things in life hopefully i'll be able to verbalize that and translate that through song. >> you write every single song on your cd and what i love, too, watching new concert that time, you take charge. taylor was getting ready to do a show. were you on the stage when we did the state line shoot with you telling people i need a little more light there, a little more kick there. i was watching you. it was amazing to watch it that way. i thought that was something, all grown up. >> we had so much fun doing that. i appreciate you doing that special on my first headlining tour. it's crazy putting together the
10:19 am
second one. you know, having done it once before and knowing how it comes together. it was so cool to have a -- >> a broadway show. >> i really love broadway. >> when do you hit the road on this? >> i hit the road in february for the world tour but then it comes to the north american tour in the summer. >> we're cheering you on. you're such a rock star. >> we're really, really proud of you, sweetie. and you're such a lovely young woman, even though you're almost 21. >> she's trying to push cody on you. >> no, no, just a suggestion. i would never push. you can have your fill of the bad boys, then come home. have a great holiday season. i'm so sorry. oh, my neck hurts. up next, sara finds outs what we all have in common during the holidays, no matter what we celebrate. miss mary j. blige is here what we celebrate. miss mary j. blige is here to sit down for some girl talk. we fill them with amazing technology. and we fill them with inspired design. and now your chevy dealer wants to fill them with as much good will as we can.
10:20 am
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that cause toilet rings. and it keeps working for up to six weeks. new and improved scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel. the freshest way -- [ bubbles ] ooh... [ male announcer ] -- to keep a toilet clean. ahh... [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. we're following "sara on the streets." >> today sara's assignment was to discover our common ground when it comes in ringing in whatever holiday you celebrate. >> i asked shoppers at the manhattan mall here in new york city whether good tidings throw them into a tizzy. what is the most annoying thing about the holidays to you? >> standing in check-out lines and then getting to the front
10:23 am
and watching other people be rude. it drives me nuts. >> sounds like exactly what christmas is all about. >> the crowds. >> tourists. >> aren't you tourists? >> yes. >> she is. >> how people, they can act a certain way throughout the whole year, then when the holidays come they want to act fake, i'm so this and that. >> who's crazier, australian shoppers or american shoppers? >> they're plretty much on par but from what i've seen of late, the american shoppers are pretty intense. >> we won. >> you're part of the reason we're out. >> yeah. then i'm mad about it. >> you're bringing those people in. >> then i get mad about it. >> you're setting yourself up to fail, dude. >> i know. >> it is such a big mess to have to go in, do the house for 20 days of home decor, then have to take it down. >> so the decorating. >> decorating. >> the rudeness of some of the
10:24 am
people working in the stores. the customer's always right. >> i hate that. what about you? >> definitely the crowds of people and how rude they can be as well. you know? they just push you out of the way. >> have you been pushed today? >> yeah, i have actually. >> you know what you need to do? >> what? >> push back. >> the holidays bring the crazies out. >> i didn't see the crowds. was it just me? they all looked like they were the only ones in the store. >> everyone was bustling with bags and bumping into each other, we didn't know what the answer was going to be. >> not one person said i just love it. >> we didn't get much of that. >> thank you so much. still dcome, your fanny or your face. plus it is a family affair when mary j. blige is in the house. we love her! >> a fun project for your little nose pickers. ♪ new fixodent plus scope ingredients.
10:25 am
♪ cleans...kills germs that cause denture odors... and provides your dentures with the freshness of scope. ♪ new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. joy for less! right now, get rock n fit toning shoes, these 1/10 total carat weight diamond earrings or a terratek cordless drill, all just $19.99 each! there's smart, and there's kmart smart.
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everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. good morning, time now, 10:26, i'm brent cannon, check, we have big troubles in san jose. >> i told folks, still has two lanes blocks. crews still trying to remove cars and truck in the way here. southbound to 880 northbound or highway 17 is slow to the interchange as well. quite a spectacle. if you're heading towards valley fair, you know where that transition is. there will be slowdowns there. the west of the southbound.
10:27 am
880, you still have the jam-up. another burst, slow here through downtown oakland into the bay bridge toll plaza. this is pretty late, but it is tuesday and rob's got a look at your forecast. >> the morning starting off with patchy fog and we'll see high clouds spilling in. showers far north bay for the rest of the area. as we come back in wednesday and thursday. highs today. mid 60s. scholar, where we see clouds across the north way. rain for the big part of the week and rain for friday, then we clear out for the weekend.
10:28 am
10:29 am
bay city will fight graffiti by hosting an antigraffiti semi. hosting that free event will be in livermore for city and county works across california. more than 100 people from 50 cities are expected to attend including police and committee volunteers and coordinators. bay area nonprofit hosts a major milestone. mart martha's kitchen will serve its 2 millionth meal this afternoon. they soved for 29 years. volunteers are especially busy as you imagine throughout the holidays. the dvd of the world champions season goes on sale today. there are a couple of them you can pick up. one is the official series
10:30 am
highlight dvd for major league baseball. next week, a dvd set of every world series game comes out. it also has game four, and six of the national league championship series on that one. thanks for joining us this morning. "today" show continues, p comin th n we see you back there to re d grray. we are back on a tuesday with more of "today." while aretha franklin holds the title of queen of soul, it is miss mary j. blige who reigns supreme as the queen of hip-hop. >> and when she's not singing she shares her passion for fashion in a number of ways. you know what? it is better than just fine. we all smell so good. we smell so good right now! >> you know why? >> yes! >> because of these gifts that i have for. you this is the my life
10:31 am
fragrance. >> thanks, mary j. >> i must just say thank you to each and everyone of my fans, friends and family members for the support that they gave us on hsn. >> you broke all kinds of records. did you run out? did you run out of them? >> i mean, you know, it is exclusive on hsn so i don't think we can run out. this time i believe we'll run out. i definitely believe we'll run out. we sold 60,000 bottles of perfume in six hours. we raised $60,000 to donate to my foundation. >> $1 of the purchase price. >> yes. >> goes to that. what kind of work do you do? i know it is empowering women. >> educating them, empowering them, encouraging them. giving them a second chance, whether they be young, old. lots of women gave up. i was one of those women and i wanted to be one of those women to reach out and show them if i can do it, you can do it. as far as educating women i sent
10:32 am
25 women to college with the $60,000 we raised. our goal is to send 50 women to college. >> you had to get your g.e.d. you dropped out of high school. you know the value of an education. >> yes. it hurts to not be educated. it hurts to not know what you're speaking about. it hurts to sit up here and not give a proper interview or even articulate yourself properly. it hurts. it makes you feel ashamed. i want to share with those women i know a what that feels like. they're going to college on four-year scholarships, the 5 women -- 25 women we sent. >> it couldn't have been easy sharing all of that. >> it wasn't easy but i knew it was for the greater good. i knew all this pain and suffering that i went through was not in vain. it was for someone else. it was too much for me to say it's all mine so i had to open up and pass it on, help someone else. i mean why not? you know? why not help someone with your -- >> rather than keep it inside
10:33 am
you or help somebody, your two choices. >> exactly. >> you tweet a lot. i read your tweets. but you are so kind to your fans and your tweets actually feel very personal. just like you just gave a shout out -- how important are your fans for you? >> my fans are extremely important for me because they've been there for me since the beginning. i mean when i put out the "my life" album, 4 million women responded to my call for help. >> six years ago. right? >> that's like ten years ago. >> it was 1994 -- >> it was '94. you're right. >> that just must seem like a lifetime but it is only six years ago. >> yeah, it does seem like a long time. that's why i named the fragrance my life, because it is so personal to me. as women we all share this kind of thing, fragrance. >> we each have different tastes. we wear different fragrances and we both love this. >> i'm glad you like it. taylor swift says she loves it. she sprayed hers all over.
10:34 am
thank you for the perfume, mary. >> you're acting and the new album coming out. >> there's so much coming up. the simone project yet? >> i keep pushing it back. it is not my fault. i took acting class. i know all french, whatever. so i'm doing my job. as far as that part of my life goes, that's a lot -- that's a whole nother thing but this right here, sending women to college, just raising money to further women in their education and further them in pursuing their dreams is what i focus on. it's going to be fun with hsn. i always have fun with my fans. i tell them to tune in because we're going to spend an early christmas together and celebrate and laugh and cry and whatever we do together because they mean a lot to me because they supported me, whether i'm doing good, bad, my album's hot, or not. they're there. >> a lot of people when they reach this kind of stardom live in their ivory towers and forget the very people that got them there. you're not one of those, mary j.
10:35 am
have a great holiday. >> thank you. absolutely. i'm going to give a shout out to lisa price. without lisa price who's actually carol's daughter, none of this would be possible. so thank you, lisa. we're going to have a great time. >> always giving it away, mary j. >> thank you. up next, thayere comes a tie in a woman's life where she would have to choose, it's her fanny or her face. >> what's a girl to do. just to get out of bed. then...well, i have to keep winding myself up to deal with the sadness, the loss of interest, the trouble concentrating, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] if depression is taking so much out of you, ask your doctor about pristiq®. pristiq is a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain, serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase suicidal thoughts
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10:39 am
as we age, many of us ladies have to make a tough choice -- our fanny or -- >> our face. guess what most of us choose? our fanny. >> i can't believe this. >> i know. a poll by "women's health" magazine found 60% of us would choose a slim body over a younger looking face. really? >> i don't know. doesn't have to be that way. dermatologi dermatologis dermatologists. >> 60% chose the face. >> you know it surprised me, too? this is my face, that's what everybody sees. >> but the face is out there for everybody. what do you think? >> exactly. i talk about weight control with women every single day and i still would have guessed people would have chosen a few extra pounds with a younger looking face. >> i have seen people who have lost a lot of weight and they seem to age, they look older because you need fat in your
10:40 am
face. >> you do. exactly. what happens is as you age, even if you don't gain weight in your midsection, you lose the fat storage in your face. you lose the volume so you start to look a little bit older but it depends on the individual. somebody who has a naturally fuller face might be able to be thinner in the body. somebody that has a naturally more angular face might have to hold on to more weight on their body to have enough fat stores in your face. >> but you have your face to do things, don't you? >> in addition to losing the fat, there are the environmental factors that contribute, stress, if you're frowning and squinting and that produces those dynamic lines. >> but have you botox for that! >> and filler for the face as well. but for those who don't want to go into anything invasive, there are topical things you can do, lifestyle things that can work. >> do these products work? >> they do. the first one, the peter thomas roc is if you have crepeyness underneath your eyes and you apply it, you immediately see a
10:41 am
tightening. this is a great cream for mature skin. >> mature skin. >> the anew has fabulous light diffusing properties so when you put it underneath the eyes it reflects and you don't see the hollows and dark circles. >> what about when it is sagging? like can you do anything to -- some women say they lift and all that? do those really -- >> it depends how much you are sagging. you reach a certain point where a cream isn't going to do it. but for mild creping -- >> it takes a crane. >> this product would work. you have retinol which is the gold standard in dermatology and it is so great at enhancing collagen production, fading brown spots. >> i've had that process called fraxle. >> we love it for diminishing brown spots, smoothing out fine lines. my patients just love it. >> are there certain things you can eat that will make your skin
10:42 am
more elastic? >> absolutely. focus on foods high in antioxidants. a diet is important for your face as well as your tush. foods with vitamin a, c, and fish oils. vitamin a you'll get in cantaloupe and sweet potato. dark greens, kales. blueberries. >> hoda, you eat all this. you're very good about it. but then she eats so many sweets. >> can that ruin your face? >> it cannot ruin but you can age you. it is not just about eating foods with vitamin a and c and omega-3s, but avoid foods that are highly processed. they displace calcium in your body which is a very important component for healthy skin. vitamin c helps increase
10:43 am
collagen which is such an important part of your skin's structure. >> i think i'll just have a blueberry. >> when you go like this with your skin, you want to maintain that -- i can pinch too much. what's next? weelt's show y we'll show you how to feed your face and your fanny? >> i'm just going to eat blur berries. [ male announcer ] food often causes trash to smell.
10:44 am
now introducing glad odor shield with febreze freshness. its inner layer with febreze technology neutralizes odors and leaves a fresh scent. the strength of glad, now with febreze freshness. are at walmart, with everyday low prices and a price match guarantee on the toys your kids are wishing for! like u-build monopoly, the nerf n-strike stampede blaster and more. make christmas an even bigger blast! only at walmart. of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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start with cookie dough. ♪ add frosting. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] then sprinkles. [ both giggle ] [ female announcer ] fun. easy. [ child ] wow. [ female announcer ] at
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10:47 am
>> announcer: "today's holiday kitchen" is brought to you by ready to bake cookies. home is holly. mplg time for "today's holiday kitchen" and a good excuse to stay inside. >> we are making cake pops. tips and recipes for more than 40 irresistible treats. >> you have no formal experience, right? >> none. just baking at home, playing and that's what we're going to do today. cake pops are really easy. start with a baked cake.
10:48 am
any flavor. you just crumble it. take -- i just rub them together and crumble it. you really want to spend a lot of time crumbling it so there is not a lot of pieces left. pretend that we crumbled that really fine like this. okay? then you're going to add frosting. >> ooh, i am already in. >> look what it's doing to your face. >> you add frosting and you mix that together. >> that's it? just the cake and frosting. >> and that becomes -- >> this is not as easy as it looks. >> once she mixes it together it will look something like this. it is be much more like a dough. it is cooked cake mixed together with frosting. grab a little bit and roll it into a ball so the frosting acts like a binder. you can shape it into a ball like this. we're making a snowman or shape it into -- >> you can do a little snowman
10:49 am
head. >> you can kind of pinch it and roll it around like this and you'll have a little bitty snowman. no rules. after you have your shapes, you just take a little bit of this. this is vanilla. you're going to insert a lollipop stick into that if you want to do that and stick it straight into the shape. then we dip. >> then you dunk it and -- >> stick it first in the coating. then you're going to -- that's a little too far but we'll see if it works. go ahead, stick it in. i don't want it to fall off the stick. okay, perfect! we just tap off a little bit. >> never good at crafts. i'm just not.
10:50 am
>> we have sunflower seeds here that make great little carrot noses. i'm going to place one of those real quick -- i don't want to know what just fell off my head. >> do you want a nose? here. >> you might have been splattering cake. >> so these are sunflower seeds that are orange? >> yeah. >> where did they come from? >> let's just set these here because they're going to drip. the coat something a little bit fluid. what you do at home is just let that drip over that bowl. tap tap tap. stick the arms in. these are little chocolate jimmies you can stick in while the coating is wet. >> look how cute! show some more stuff back here. >> come on back here. >> adorable! look at the ice cream cones. >> same thing.
10:51 am
these are cake balls but they're on top of the little ease cream cone that we cut off. this is chocolate coating and pink vanilla coating. . then we have christmas trees with little sprinkles and stars on top. all the same base. whatever flavor cake you like, frosting combination you like. >> something i get to eat. i brought my blur berries. >> these are just some of the examples. >> we love you, you can come back any time, dudley. you are adorable. we'll be back with more of "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
gentlemen, welcome to the show. pleasure to have you here. people come to you because they're in pain. what do you often hear from patients when they come to see you? >> normally people with chronic low back pain. chronic neck pain, chronic knee problem or shoulder problem. and they've tried everything. it's affecting their life, their work, their relationships and preventing them to do the fun things they like to do. >> life is just not fun. they are in pain. how is your approach different? . we use the new high-end laser which goes deep into the tissue, activates cells and gets the blood supply to the area to get it to fully heel. >> there's no pain in the procedure then? >> no. >> what are some common results when they use this kind of therapy? >> we see immediate relief in chronic pain, shoulder pain.
10:53 am
all this relief. now finding people get relief from neuropathy which is amazi g amazing. >> this is very unbelievable. you do use a one-step approach. >> yes, if someone has a low back problem or disk problem we implement spinal decompression while doing the laser and also add oxygen therapy which brings blood to the oxygen and cells and gets it to heel much faster. >> that's fantastic, i can't thank you enough for joining us today. if you need to make a appointment, visit the website at advanced health first 50 viewers to call or receive this very special offer, a $480 value, 800-new-4-pain.
10:54 am
we are in the midst of the "today" show's 17th annual
10:55 am
holiday gift drive. today we have two wonderful donations to spotlight. >> these are items that will really go far in helping teenage girls. sometimes they're forgotten this holiday season. kim and elena. you were with us last year. you are with us for the first time this year. thank you so much. >> what are you guys giving away this year? >> we're so excited on behalf of 30,000 lia sophia ladies, our sales advisors are donating $110,000 worth of beautiful lia sophia jewelry. >> that's fantastic. >> the necklace i'm wearing is actually is a piece of jewelry called the nottingham which we designed specifically for dress for success which is our not-for-profit partners. >> you do a lot of different good. >> we try to. >> what are you holding there? >> i donated our microminifor young girls. that contains six eye shadows
10:56 am
and two blushes and a little pop-up compact. >> that's lovely. >> tell us why you guys think it is important to target this particular group. i understand dress for success but tell me why the teenagers are important. >> in my opinion, it's very important because they're exploring who they are. they're coming into a young womanhood and makeup and skin care, cosmetics, jewelry, it's all a part of what they're interested in. so it is a great platform for them to be able to discover who they want to be. >> i think any woman at any age, when you feel good on the outside, and you feel very confident and very good on the inside it all starts at an early age. >> when you're going through such hard times like so many people are going through and you're also going through adolescence and puberty and all those other things, it's just so compounded. >> dress for success is a great program, too, that you guys are working on. right? >> we're really happy to have them as our not-for-profit partner. it is the same messaging.
10:57 am
we start with something aesthetic, a suit, and a piece of jewelry. when you feel great on the outside it ast. loullows them t confident into life. >> if y comeo t he plaza, please bring a gift for a child up to 18. go online. tomorrow flo rida is in the house.
10:58 am
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